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The Task Workflow module provides a very powerful tool at your fingertips.

No more will you have to wonder if your staff have done what they should have. You can now design exactly how your staff performs tasks, how long it should take them, and what to do if thing are or are not done.

You design your work flow once (we can help you do it), then leave it to EveryClient (Legal) to manage every aspect of your workflow.

EveryClient (Legal)'s work flow system allows you to precisely specify how your firm handles cases/matters.

The created tasks can provide the following functionality:

Task Work Flow Explained

The Task Work Flow process enables you to create any number of Task Types, and define rules and actions based on the status of the task (completed/not Completed on time etc.).

For each Task Type, you can specify any number of Task Conditions. When these Task Conditions are met, the system will carry out any Actions you define.

For instance, if you created a task for a file clerk to create some standard documents for a new client and add them to the client's documents in EveryClient (Legal), you could create a task condition specifying that, once the first task was complete, another task would be assigned to a paralegal to review the documents.

To continue a Work Flow process, you could then create another task condition based on the status of the paralegal's task. This could ask the next resource/staff member to do the next step in the process.

If used correctly, the Task Workflow module can be very powerful and save your Firm valuable time and money.

EveryClient (Legal) Task Workflow

Sample Workflow Flowchart

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