Document Management System

What is the EveryClient (Legal) Document Management System (DMS)

The EveryClient (Legal) Document Management System (DMS) is a repository for all your documents. All documents added to EveryClient (Legal) are stored in the EveryClient (Legal) Database.

Adding/Modifying Documents

Documents can be added in many places throughout EveryClient (Legal). Adding documents is easy, just drag and drop the file from Windows Explorer and the document is immediately available for others to see and use. Once added, documents are stored against the related Client or Case/Matter file.

Document Templates

There is also a fully functional template system, that allows you to add default document templates to be used throughout the system. These templates can be used to merge with client data to create any document you need. Document template types include Microsoft Word documents, Text Files and also PDF templates.

Document Categories (Folders)

Documents are stored in Document Categories. Think of Document Categories like Windows Explorer folders. The purpose of having different Document Categories is to allow you to group similar documents together in a logical way.

Like Windows Explorer folders, you can add/delete/rename document folders and even create sub-folders if you wish.

EveryClient (Legal) Case/Matter Documents

Document Category (Folder) Options

Document Storage

Document storage in EveryClient (Legal) is virtually limitless. By default, one Document database is created when you install EveryClient (Legal). However, there is no need to worry about the documents database filling up, because, as the volume of documents (and size of the document databases) grow, more databases are automatically added by EveryClient (Legal) to cater for the growth.

The only thing that you need to worry about is:

Document Control

Naturally, it is important to ensure that only one person can edit a document at any point in time. So, before you can edit a document stored in EveryClient (Legal), you must first check the document out for editing. Once you are done with it, just check it back in to make it available for another user.

This process ensures that only one person can be changing a document at any point in time.

EveryClient (Legal) Case/Matter Documents

Document Options

Document Version History

Every document or template stored in EveryClient (Legal) has a version number associated with it.

If the document is altered or replaced, the version number is incremented and the previous version of the document is retained with the previous version number. At any time you can easily open and view any version of any document added to EveryClient (Legal).