Client Management

The Client module is at the core of the EveryClient (Legal) software. The Client screen allows you to maintain your client details as well as providing links to other main modules such as Cases/Matters, Documents, Invoicing, Trust Accounts etc.

The Client module includes:

Client Detail Maintenance

A comprehensive client detail maintenance screen letting you store important information about your clients.

Case/Matter Maintenance

Lists and displays detalis about all Cases/Matters related to the your client. From here you can easily find and open the required Case/Matter details.

Custom Fields

Allows you to add your own "Custom" fields to complement the standard detail fields. There is no limit to the number of Custom fields you can add.

Contact Log Management

Provides a sortable list of all contact made with the client.

Invoice Management

Lets you quickly see the status of all invoices sent to the client. You can easily open and view any invoice and print, update or just view the invoice details.

Client Document Management

This is where documents relating to the client are stored. You would not store documents relating to the client's Cases/Matters in this section, as each Case/Matter has its own documents section. The type of documents that you would store here would include scanned items for identification purposes, such as driver’s license and passport etc.

Client Billing Management

This section enables you to quickly see the client's billing status with respect to their invoices. You can also view Case/Matter billing summary.

You can also easily create new invoices from unbilled Expenses and Time Sheet Items.

Trust Account Management

Allows you to maintain your client's Trust Account details.