Case/Matter Management

The Case/Matter module is a core feature of the EveryClient (Legal) software. The Case/Matter screen allows you to maintain details relating to all your client's Cases/Matters.

The Case/Matter module includes:


All tasks related to a Case/Matter can be easily found in the Tasks tab. You easily manage all the tasks for a Case/Matter using the useful filter and sort options available.

There is also the option to create "Default" tasks. Default tasks are "standard" predefined tasks that can be automatically generated when a Case/Matter is created. You can also specify which resource will perform the task, when it is due to be completed and any reminders relating to the task.

Calendar Events

Like the Tasks tab, the Calendar Events tab contains all of the Calendar events related to the selected Case/Matter. From this tab you can add, delete and edit Calendar events for the Case/Matter.

Custom Fields

EveryClient (Legal) cannot provide you with every property/value that you may want to enter into the system. Because of this we have added the ability for you to create your own custom fields for each Case/Matter type.

This feature enables you to store any information related to a Case/Matter that is not included as default fields in EveryClient (Legal).


This is the place where documents are stored that pertain to the client's Case/Matter. See Document Management (DMS) for further information about Document Management.

Resources and Billing

The billing and charge-out rates are defined in this section this section. The settings/options on this section include:

Fee Type - At present there are three fee types used in the software. Flat fee, Contingency and Hourly billing rate.

Billing Rates - By default, the billing rates for resources are the same as the default rate for the Case/Matter. If however, you wish to charge-out a resource at a different rate, this can easily be done as well.

Contact Logs

Contact logs contain a list of all communications related to the Case/Matter.

For example, if a client calls the office out of hours and leaves a message, when that message is listened to, a record should be added to this tab.


The Notes tab allows you to create two types of notes:

When editing notes, you can also add a time sheet record for the time taken related to the note. Also, to add a link to Google Scholar research, simply click the link labeled, "Add a New Link" at the end of the record. This will open the Legal Research Note screen, showing a direct link to Google Scholar.


This is one of the locations where expenses relating to a Case/Matter are entered. By default the system supplies a number of standard billing codes to be used. However, if the expense cannot be described by one of the billing codes provided, you can easily add additional billing codes using the Billing Codes Maintenance feature.

Time Sheet Items

The time sheet section allows you to view, add and delete time sheet items related to the Case/Matter. It is provided as an alternative to the Time sheet screen and Time Sheet recorder.