Calendar (with Google calendar integration)

The EveryClient (Legal) Calendar screen is a specialist Calendar designed for use with Legal Practice Management. It is very similar to popular Calendar software (like Outlook), but has a few features that makes it highly desirable for Legal Practice Management.

When Using the Calendar screen (just like Outlook), you can add, edit, delete and view calendar items related to one or many System Users(User Id) and/or Cases/Matters.

The added features in the EveryClient Calendar are:

Adding Calendar Events

As well as adding Calendar events in the Calendar screen, you can also add events from a number of different places, including a "Quick Add" Calendar option.

Event Reminders

If you have set a "Reminder" when creating the Calendar event, just like Outlook, a reminder pop-up message will appear on your screen prior to the Calendar event.

Day/Week/Month Views

As with Outlook, you can choose to view the Calendar in several ways including day view, week view, month view. Whatever view setting you choose, will remain until you select another option.

Filtering by Case/Matters and/or by Users

Calendar items can be viewed by several means. The default view is All Cases/Matters for the currently logged on user. But you can choose what to see. You can choose to see Calendar events for All or just some Cases/Matters using the Cases/Matters Selector.

You can also choose to see other user's Calendar events if you wish.

Private Events

Like outlook, private events are private to the owner of the event and cannot be viewed/edited or deleted by other users.

Event Color Coding

Naturally when you have a lot of events on the screen for a number of different Resources or Cases/Matters, it could quickly become confusing as to what you are looking at.

Because of this, EveryClient (Legal) offers the option to color-code Calendar events based on several criteria. If you choose to "Color Events by User Name", events for each user will have their own unique color.

EveryClient (Legal) Calendar Event Color Coding

Color Coded Events